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Fabrication Services

We have historically weld-repaired various materials requiring specialised procedures, heat treatment, post-weld heat treatment & non-destructive testing. As we have the equipment to pre-machine & check fabrications before final welding, a natural progression would be toward manufacturing fabrications with a machining bias.

We have also invested in the purchase of our own uni-master & ultrasonic tester with amplitude compensation & data logger capable of reading and recording up to 15 metres deep.

Although we have in-house capabilities for dye penetrant testing, mpi & ultrasonics, final inspection is outsourced. In-house vibratory stress-relieving is also available.

 Our Capacity:
  • 1 x Submerged Arc Welder
  • 2 x TIG Welding Machines
  • 4 x MIG welding Machines
  • 3 x Electric Arc Welders
  • 3 x Machined Slotted Floorplates for control of weld distortion
  • 1 x Oven/Hot Box
  • 1 x Avometer for precise set-up of dc welding current
  • 2 x Boilermakers
  • 4 x Welders (3 x qualified to ASME IX & AWS D 1.1)
 Our Experience:
  STech has recently successfully completed orders for a number of safety critical winder drums & related components (100% full penetration u/t welds).

If you are interested in any of our products, kindly Enquire Online or Contact us to discuss your requirements further.
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